Another Island

Day 20 058

So Island Story is out! You can order it from your local bookshop or via this good non-Amazonian website:

I’ve written a little about the book and the wonderful people I met on the road for my publisher, Repeater. It’s also a comment on Brexit and its aftermath:

I’ll be back on the road in August, cycling through Oxford, the Midlands and North and doing talks in various places – more news on that to come.

Thanks as always to everyone for the support and reassurance, and to those who made it to the enjoyable, upbeat launch last night at Housmans, with the brilliant Jeremy Seabrook.


3 thoughts on “Another Island

    • Hi Taffny, I’m not sure, I think July is the only way unless there’s some chance it can be ordered through the UK version of Amazon or The Hive? Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Happy to email you a pdf if you’d like. Best wishes, Dan.

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